Month: September 2009

Learn How to Easily Read Guitar Tabs

by Jay Field

With all those technical quarter notes and treble clefs, who really has time to learn guitar chords and riffs without spending days, weeks or even months taking private music lessons? Music notation is intimidating, but there is a simple solution to the problem – guitar tablature.

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Known as tab to professional musicians, it is almost like a diagram that shows guitarists exactly where to place their fingers. Tab presents amateurs and professionals alike with an easy way to learn new guitar chords or even a complete song. Let’s break down the basics.Continue reading Learn How to Easily Read Guitar Tabs

How to Pick the Right Voice Lessons

by Andrew

Thinking of taking up singing as a hobby or career, then congratulations! Music is considered by many to be another form of language. It’s styles and genders can vary greatly across the globe. Much like an author writing a book on a subject that he feels passionate about, music allows one to express their feelings.

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Music is something that provides happiness to the world and can often cross political, ethnic and religious divides. It is so moving that it can bring people together, give happiness or make them cry for joy. It is enjoyed by so many and the desire to perform is a dream pursued by several.

Many feel that they can not sing, but wish they could. There are others who have good voices and wish to improve them. Whether you want to begin singing or take steps to improve your voice, all you have to do is take a couple of singing lessons. These lessons are not only enjoyable, but will also better improve your melodic tone.Continue reading How to Pick the Right Voice Lessons

Acoustic Guitar Flatpicking Techniques For The Right Hand

by Ricky Sharples

Acoustic guitar flatpicking techniques are components of the language that helps you to speak to your audience. As you do not have the electronic effects an electric guitarist has at his disposal, you are left with the flatpicking techniques you can use to make your music touch the minds and hearts of your listeners.

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Acoustic guitar flatpicking techniques govern how you touch the guitar strings with your pick. How you control volume and tone, and how you manage the clarity of your flatpicking. The right hand controls the way you play your acoustic guitar and how it sounds, we should concentrate on this hand.

The main part of your collection of flatpicking techniques is freedom of movement. Your right hand should be able to move freely from soundhole to bridge to give you the biggest range of tones available on the acoustic guitar. The biggest obstacle to freedom of movement for your right hand is anchoring it by pressing down on the guitar body with your little finger.Continue reading Acoustic Guitar Flatpicking Techniques For The Right Hand

Tips for Preparing to Perform in a Singing Contest

by Andrew

It’s sometimes truly astonishing how people are given an opportunity to sing in a singing contest and they aren’t even properly prepared. If you are truly serious about singing then it’s imperative that you educate yourself and prepare for the competition to the best of your ability. No matter how wonderful your voice might be, this is not the only thing judges will be grading.

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For instance, the way you appear is as important as how good your singing and performance is. If you step onstage looking like a troll or mess up during your performance through carelessness, then the judges will definitely not be concentrating on your singing anymore.

What you are wearing, saying, and how you are handling your anxiety are all things that make a performance good or bad. I’ve done a few performances myself and there are a few tips in particular that I feel are rather important to giving a great performance.Continue reading Tips for Preparing to Perform in a Singing Contest

Song Writing: Why Is Completing Your Songs Important?

By Peter Edvinsson

Do you find it easy to write songs? Too easy? Well, I at least have had a problem with this.

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If you would visit our home and my garage you would find a lot of unfinished songs and a lot of manuscript paper with some notes on them showing that I wanted to say something with music but never finished it.Continue reading Song Writing: Why Is Completing Your Songs Important?