Month: September 2010

Single Coil or Humbucking Pickups – What is the Best for your Electric Guitar?

by Men Leblanc

In this article we will take a look at some of the differences between Humbucking pickups and Single Coil pickups, both technically and tonally. Many think, “Isn’t a Humbucker just two Single Coils side by side?” The answer is actually yes and no as they both provide quite distinct tonal and technical characteristics.

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There have been lots of attempts to utilize both tones in one instrument or pickup, but the over all opinion is that a guitar is either use one or the other. Like they say, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.Continue reading Single Coil or Humbucking Pickups – What is the Best for your Electric Guitar?

Schmoozing for Gigs

By: Ty Cohen

If you want to get gigs, then you are going to have to do some schmoozing with club owners, bar owners and people of that nature. This means you are going to have to appear as professional and convincing as possible. You are going to have to come prepared with all the gear you need to successfully market yourself so you can book gigs and get paid.

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First impressions are the most important thing in this biz. If you want to book gigs then you need to bring the following things with you to a meeting: a resume, a demo, a business card (with a link to your site), a poster or flyer, price and a confidant attitude.

And most importantly, dress for success. You don’t have to wear a tux, just look presentable. You might even want to bring your instruments in case they want a short live audition, you never know.Continue reading Schmoozing for Gigs

Home Recording Equipment for Your Starter Studio

By Jake Weston and Ken Theriot

I’m going to suggest a few pieces of home recording equipment for you to start a studio at home. But unlike a lot of other articles out there doing the same thing, I’m going to get you going (more than 90 percent of you any way) for well under $10.

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I’m taking it as a given if you’re reading this (that’s the 90 percent part) that you have a computer with a sound card and an internet connection. The only thing I’ll assume you need is a microphone of some kind. But you might be surprised at my recommendations on that score.Continue reading Home Recording Equipment for Your Starter Studio