7 Reasons You Are Missing Out If You Don’t Learn Guitar Scales

Guitar Scales Get You Ready For Playing

Playing guitar scales to warm up before you start playing some real songs works really well. They are a great way to switch your brain into a sort of guitar playing mode and get your fingers stretched and ready.
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Guitar Scales Are Exercise For The Fingers

If you imagine guitar playing as a sport then playing scales is like going to the gym. Playing guitar scales is great ‘exercise’ for both strengthening and conditioning your fingers for playing and for getting your brain used to musical patterns and sounds. To be in top playing condition you really need to play scales regularly to keep your fingers in peak performance shape.

Playing Scales Help Your Strumming Hand Too

Try playing alternate picking when you are going through your scales. Practicing scales while concentrating on your strumming hand can dramatically improve you picking and strumming abilities.

Learning Guitar Scales Helps You Memorize the Fret board Layout

When you learn scales you are concentrating so much on remembering the notes of the scales and what you should play next that sometimes you don’t even realize that you have learned the position of every note on the fretboard.Learning guitar scales is the single greatest way to ‘download’ the fretboard layout into your brain.
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Learning Guitar Scales Will Help You Learning Guitar Chords

Since guitar scales are the basis of guitar chords the more you know about scales the greater you ability to get the most out of your guitar when you play chords.

Learning Guitar Scales Will Give You Amazing Pitch Recognition

Every time you learn a guitar scales both the individual notes and the note combinations get imprinted on your brain. If you learn enough scales you will learn the pitches whether you want to or not.

Learning Guitar Scales Makes You Play Faster and Cleaner

Every time you learn a new guitar scale you finger will move just a little bit faster and more fluidly over the entire fretboard. When you master the most important scales it feels like your fingers almost glide over the strings.
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  1. That’s a nice roundup! I think the best reason to learn scales is that it ultimately helps in recognizing pitches… which is so valuable in playing guitar or any other instrument!

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