Aspiring Music Talent Needs the Right Music Promotion and the Correct A&R Contacts

By Gene Schwerman

There are new and very ambitious music promotion companies available now to aspiring music talent nationally. Music talent looking for A&R contacts and music industry connections can find companies in the business of scouting music talent for Record Labels, Music Publishers and TV & Movie Music Supervisors. Music promotion daily gravitates further away from tradition creating ever closer ties to the internet and especially internet marketing!

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Many times the groups with the most music talent are discovered in due course and get the recognition they deserve in a fairly straightforward manner, other groups do not. Many need some kind of representation, preferably fairly aggressive, to help with music promotion, with the right A&R connections, if they wish to be “discovered” for their music talent.

The most successful of these music promotion companies use the internet for much of their music promotion. Taking advantage of the internet allows these companies to rapidly disseminate information about the musicians, speed communications for getting them gigs, provide samples of their work, and so on.

We often use the word “discovered” when speaking of music talent because some groups seem to bob to the surface of their own accord while others with apparently equal or even more talent flounder in gig limbo for an eternity awaiting their “break.” Of course some types of music talent is more commercial than others, some groups have a better look, a few stand out due to one individual in the group. Some have built in contacts. There are many variables.

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Only a very few groups have the kind of internal drive which causes them to develop their musical ability in spite of all of the obstacles. However, more than a few have the music talent needed to be extremely successful in the music industry if they can simply get a break! The problem is, for these groups, “simply” is not always the correct word choice!

Most individuals have to work hard to be good at performing music and then associate themselves with other talented musicians in a group who have the same purpose, in order to even get started performing music publicly. This being done they must promote themselves or get promoted, develop and/or find the right A&R contacts and literally be “discovered” for their talent.

Further, when one is discovered as a music talent it does not mean this person is discovered for any and all music. A talented singer may have little or no aptitude for playing instruments. If one has a talent for a type of music which is played but nor very commercial, music talent may not pay very well!

The companies mentioned above can help evaluate music talent and point you in the right direction, and even help with promotion and with A&R contacts. It is a lot like getting promoted where you work, the harder you work at it, the luckier you get. However, with music promotion it is a good idea to know when to ask for some help.

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About the Author: Gene Schwerman is founder and head marketing consultant for Truly Unique Website Design. Truly Unique works on websites of all varieties, such as A&R Unlimited. A and R Unlimited provides a variety of music promotions and other music A&R services.

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