Beginners Guide to Choosing an Electric Guitar

by matt5409

In this article we are going to point out a few things that you should consider before you buy your electric guitar, offering tips from where to buy to playing the instrument.

1.Electric guitars are best for beginners

Let me openly state that learning the electric guitar is definitely the best option for the beginner. This is mostly because the strings are softer and easier to press down than its acoustic sister. Because of this your fingertips will hurt less and you will be less inclined to give up!

Also, the electric guitar is an amplified instrument and amps allow you to play clean or distorted. Rock fans will be familiar with distortion – this effectively means the sound is a lot heavier than the default setting (which is clean)

2. Buy a guitar in a package

If this is your first guitar I strongly recommend that you purchase a package. There are so many benefits of doing this over buying the instrument by itself. The most glaringly obvious benefit is because the package will include basic accompaniments such as the amp, a strap and some spare strings.

3. Invest in a good great song book

Get a book that will teach you songs that you love by artists you appreciate. There are hundreds of them out there, from the basics of Oasis through to the more technical Red Hot Chili Peppers. The best way to keep up with your learning of the guitar is to play songs that you know and love, so invest in a really good tutorial book or DVD.

4. Shop around for the best deal

As with anything in life, you should allocate some time to looking for the best deal. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to come from your local guitar shop, but by all means visit the store and test out their instruments. If you are to find the best deal you should look online for high quality, yet reasonably priced guitar starter packs.

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