Beginners Songwriting On Guitar – Tips To Avoid Songwriters Block

by Shay Rushden

Depending on how you’ve started your songwriting process you may at this point have a tune, melody, singing line or even a complete chorus or verse worked out. So your masterpiece is now beginning to take some shape:) The next thing to turn your attention to are the song lyrics and title. Something catchy and singable.

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So you get yourself settled down with a brand new writing pad and new pen and your all set to fashion a classic song! Well the hardest bit is surely in the bag isn’t it? Getting that tune sounding good was tough and now the lyrics will just write themselves…won’t they?

So first thing is getting a theme and then scribble out those lyrics. And as the minutes and hours pass by and you stare blankly into space you begin to realize that lyric writing isn’t quite as easy as you thought. Better get another drink!

So the next drink goes down, the pen gets another chew, more staring into space and still nothing to show. “OK, maybe I’m just not in lyric mode today after all” you think to yourself. “I’ll try again tomorrow.” We’ve all been there and this is generally what’s known as writers block. I once went a whole 2 week vacation with writers block. Got through plenty of coffee in those couple of weeks:)

Some would say that it’s not possible to learn songwriting, that you can either write songs and lyrics or you can’t. Well I disagree with this because I have learned over a short period of time some simple techniques that help with songwriting.

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Yes, some people are just natural writers and find it easy and are just very creative, but that’s not to say that anyone, given some simple methods can write great songs. If these techniques are put into practice then song writing becomes much easier.

So here are just a few simple tips that should get you scribbling in no time:

  • Try to write words that people can identify with and give a simple message.
  • Although you can use a few cliches try to limit the number and rethink a cliche into your own words.
  • Lines don’t necessarily have to rhyme and sometimes forcing rhymes can affect sing-ability.
  • Try telling a story in the past tense. It’s much easier to write about something that has already happened.
  • Try Writing about something that is going on right now. It could be a scenario that is happening to you, a friend or a family member.
  • Try writing about something that could occur in the future. Perhaps if you came into money, or if your partner had an affair. Write about how this might pan out.

Use these simple ideas to try and beat songwriters block.

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