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Playing a New Instrument

Are you currently thinking that you might like to learn to play guitar or any other popular musical instrument? Studying the way to read music as well as play a musical instrument can be one of the most significant things that you can try for yourself. If you are pondering registering your kids in keyboard training or electric guitar lessons, this will help to bring about when it comes to concentration, creative thinking and basic self worth. For a lot of people, the joys of participating in music tend not to rival everything else. When you are attracted towards this area, you should really go for it.

There are numerous ways available today with regard to learning numerous distinct musical instruments. Of course, among the first items that you’ll likely consider is getting a neighborhood instructor. Practically nothing can definitely rival good old fashioned face-to-face coaching. The best place to start with could be your neighborhood online directory. Find a few nearby music merchants that either offer training or can point you in the right path. Many times the very individuals who work in these kind of stores may also educate as a side business which means this can be a good way to begin with.

An alternate way to look for a music teacher, whether for violin, guitar or virtually any musical instrument you are looking at, could be to check Craigslist on the net. This particular web based directory website can be a great source of information when it comes to choosing those who are advertising diverse solutions including music coaching. Just like anything you do on the internet, be sure you use caution specifically if you are thinking about meeting with this man or woman at his or her house. Our recommendation will be to never do this all on your own and make certain to find a few respectable testimonials and referrals. The same would certainly hold true with regard to inviting a stranger into your household. Pertaining to security reasons, it will actually be safer to go to training that are held at a music shop or some community place.

In the event you have a tendency to flourish with self applied coaching, you may prefer to obtain some form of course to train yourself how to play guitar, violin or another musical instrument. Online learning resources are plentiful and easily accessible today. You can buy a course that is made up of online video education which is almost the same as that one-to-one coaching. Another benefit of purchasing a course similar to this is basically that you very easily head out at your very own stride. Should you be genuinely involved with it, you can find yourself practicing a whole lot and forging right ahead together with the materials.

Another possibility for music or instrumental coaching could possibly be a class if you reside close to a neighborhood university or college. Certainly, this might be in a team setting, nevertheless it may have different advantages that one-on-one coaching doesn’t have. For anyone who is enthusiastic about performing, this might also permit you good quality possibilities to play and perform your own music for other people. If you want to sing, for instance, joining a neighborhood choir or group can be quite a wonderful method to meet like-minded folks and enhance your own competencies.

Do You Have Musical Talent?

Is talent something we are born with, or something that can be developed in anyone?  Maybe a bit of both.

David Shenk wrote about this on the the Genius Blog: The Genius in All of Us.

How can we explain the vast differences in musical ability? How can one species produce Paul Simon and William Hung? Are we born with musical talent, or do we develop it? Let’s sort through the research:Continue reading Do You Have Musical Talent?

Annoying Rock Star Behavior

You may not be a big rock star (yet!), but … someday.  It could happen.

Now is the time to either learn how to treat your fans the way they should be treated, or start practicing how to be annoying as only a star can be.

Here from Rolling Stone are a few things you could start working on now.


1. Show up ridiculously late
Rock stars aren’t accountants, and nobody expects them to take the stage at the precise moment listed on the ticket. We get that. A little late is good, even. It gives everyone time to park, deal with will call, wait in the bathroom line and get a beer. But some artists routinely take the stage two, three or even four hours late; Lauryn Hill, we’re looking squarely at you here.

2. Exclude key band members
Some bands have members who just don’t feel like being rock stars anymore. We understand that. When Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac and Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones decided to scale back their lives and get off the road, we would have all preferred to see them with their bands still. The shows suffered from their absence, but people have a right to quit. A band isn’t the mafia.

3. Play too much from the new album
We have no issue with bands playing a ton of their new material. It does, however, get annoying when you pay to see an artist and the vast majority of the show is new stuff, especially when that material is a pale imitation of the old stuff. There’s a certain expectation when you buy a concert ticket (especially to an arena show) that you’re going to hear songs from throughout an act’s career. It’s just hard for people to fully appreciate music they don’t know very well.

4. Only perform the hits
The flip side of Number Three. Some artists have long catalogs of great songs, but their concerts tend to fall back on the same 15 songs they’ve been dragging out for decades. It’s like eating 10 chocolate bars for dinner; it’s not satisfying. You need to balance it out. Sure, the crowd loves to hear hits and you want to do anything you can to hold their attention, but you also need to challenge them a bit.


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Help Beat the Winter Blues by Learning to Play an Instrument

By: Luzerna Solon

It will be winter again before we know it! I am so happy, I cannot wait! What did you think, about what you just read? Do you feel the same way about winter time as I do? If you are like the average person, you probably thought this guy is wacko, or something.

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It’s just that I have enjoyed every season since I was a young child, to me they each have great things, and nothing is worse in one season over the other.Continue reading Help Beat the Winter Blues by Learning to Play an Instrument

LA’s Kulak’s Woodshed Live Streams LA Music Scene to the World

by John Mahoney

Kulak’s Woodshed (, is an LA music venue that is a center of the LA singer/songwriter scene, live streams performances worldwide via the worldwide web.

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One of LA’s best kept secrets is now making it known throughout the US and the world that live performances of seasoned players and new artists can be viewed for free on the Kulak’s Woodshed website.Continue reading LA’s Kulak’s Woodshed Live Streams LA Music Scene to the World