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Top 7 Don’ts for Successful Improvisation

By Edward Weiss

1. Don’t try and make something happen.

Trying blocks the creative flow and will result in blocks.
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2. Don’t expect to create something good.

Expectations will always come with judgments and, consequently, you’ll end up feeling let down.

3. Don’t worry about what is “coming out.”Continue reading Top 7 Don’ts for Successful Improvisation

How to Construct Chords and Improvise

By Mr. Ron

How To Construct Basic Chords on the Piano

The easiest way to start learning how to build chords is to practice their constructions in the key of C Major. You’re just playing all white keys.

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All you have to do is play every other white key to create a 3-note chord. A 3-note chord is called a triad. A 4-note chord is called a 7th chord. And a 5-note chord is called a 9th chord.

Now you have the option of playing your chords in one hand or you may use both hands! It depends upon the sound you want to produce.

How to Improvise MelodiesContinue reading How to Construct Chords and Improvise

Are You Musically Untalented?

By Edward Weiss

Have you ever been told that you were good at something but not good enough to make it a career or life ambition? Especially with music, if you’re passion is music you are hopelessly outnumbered right from the beginning.
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“You better have a back-up job” or “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” are common refrains heard from well meaning adults who inadvertently had their dreams crushed out of them.

The world has more than enough computer programmers and engineers and these professions are well paying ones. What are we musicians to do? Well, for one thing we can forget about needing “talent” to make it.

What is talent anyway but a person’s ability to connect with his or her audience. You might think that talent means technical proficiency. You couldn’t be more wrong.Continue reading Are You Musically Untalented?

Improvisation Allows Musicians To Move Forward

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Imagine asking a beginning writer to write a short story from scratch. Our writer does not yet have much experience in writing but accepts the challenge and begins to plunge ahead.

He has to start somewhere so he begins to examine how to construct a short story. He learns all about plot, character, and structure and now believes he is ready to begin writing.

As soon as he begins to write, he discovers something. He can’t move forward. He is blocked. What’s the problem? He knows how to construct a short story and should be able to forge ahead right?

The problem is he has not allowed his “voice” to unfold naturally. His internal critic is blocking the natural voice inside his head and the pen stops cold. What to do?Continue reading Improvisation Allows Musicians To Move Forward