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What Makes The 12 String Acoustic Guitar So Special

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If you are looking to start Learn How To Play Guitar Online then perhaps the 12 string guitar is not the best place to start but it is a real thing of beauty.

The 12 string acoustic guitar is a great instrument. In technique, it is basically exactly the same as a normal 6 string guitar, yet there is more depth to it. Because it has double strings, it has an added poignancy that is hard to characterize. The sustain is longer, the notes are deeper, and the tone is richer. Even an entry-level 12 string acoustic guitar will have a power and vibrancy that can capture a whole room. Still, they aren’t for everyone.

The biggest difficulty with 12 string guitars is keeping them in tune. With a six string acoustic or electric guitar, you also need to keep your strings in tune, but it isn’t as sensitive to going out of tune. If one of your pitches drifts slightly, it will barely be audible. With 12 string acoustic guitars, however, it’s a whole different story. There are six pairs of strings, so if one of those strings drifts from its partner, you will get a warbling tone that sounds off. Even a slight divergence can completely change the character of your tone, potentially ruining it.

The solution, of course, is to put in the money for a decent 12 string acoustic guitar and good strings. You want to have high quality tuning knobs that will not go out of tune easily, and you want to take your time tuning the guitar just right. At first it will be frustrating and difficult, but the rewards are well worth it. Having a 12 string acoustic guitar perfectly in tune is like no other musical experience there is.Continue reading What Makes The 12 String Acoustic Guitar So Special