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How Can You Play Like a Rock Star Right Now?

If you have any interest in rock, heavy metal or any of the harder forms of music then you have definitely heard guitar power chords in action.

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Despite the fact that in musical terms guitar power chords are not actually chords (they only have two notes) they have become a staple of modern music.

Guitar power chords can be played several different ways but the simplest form using just two strings is by far and away the most common.Continue reading How Can You Play Like a Rock Star Right Now?

3 Tips For Holding a Guitar Pick

A really irritating problem when you first start learning to play guitar is dropping the pick into the sound hole.

It’s not uncommon to be strumming along, just getting into a grove and then slowly feel the guitar pick slipping from your fingers. The next thing you know the pick slips and falls into the one place you don’t want it to go – the sound hole.
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Even if you’re lucky enough to miss the sound hole it can still be an ordeal trying to find your guitar pick on the floor because they seem to magically blend in so well with everything.

This can be an infuriating problem especially when you start to get the hang of the more difficult stuff like changing between guitar chords and guitar strumming patterns.Continue reading 3 Tips For Holding a Guitar Pick

Guitar Strumming Patterns – 7 Top Tips For Strumming Guitar Like A Pro

#1 – Don’t Be So Tense

It’s very important to be relaxed when you are learning guitar strumming patterns. A tense guitarists strumming technique will sound stiff, rigid and amateur to the listeners. The key is to keep your arms, wrists and especially your shoulders free and flowing while you play. A relaxed guitarists strumming patterns will sound free and easy almost flowing with the song rather than fighting it.
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#2 – Make Certain That You Hold Your Pick Correctly

One of the most important elements of guitar strumming is how you hold the pick. You need to hold the pick firmly between your thumb and first finger. The pressure from your thumb is what keeps the pick held in place.. Try and keep the pick held at an angle of 90 degrees to the strings as you strike them.

#3 – Make Sure To Keep Time

Rhythm and beat are really important when you are playing guitar. If you can use a metronome to keep time as you practice. If you don’t use a metronome at the very least tap your feet to keep time when strumming. If it helps count the beats out loud when you are first learning.Continue reading Guitar Strumming Patterns – 7 Top Tips For Strumming Guitar Like A Pro