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A Simple Way To Understand Guitar Songs

by Sanoli Drakob

When you first begin learning to play the guitar you truly want easy to learn guitar tunes or songs to start with. Otherwise it’s the equivalent of trying to comprehend German when you have only learned the fundamental words.

By starting with easy to master guitar tunes you’re setting yourself up for a much quicker learning curve and you will find that you will pick up learning the guitar significantly quicker and easier then without utilizing tunes or songs to base your guitar abilities on.Continue reading A Simple Way To Understand Guitar Songs

Learn How to Easily Read Guitar Tabs

by Jay Field

With all those technical quarter notes and treble clefs, who really has time to learn guitar chords and riffs without spending days, weeks or even months taking private music lessons? Music notation is intimidating, but there is a simple solution to the problem – guitar tablature.

Known as tab to professional musicians, it is almost like a diagram that shows guitarists exactly where to place their fingers. Tab presents amateurs and professionals alike with an easy way to learn new guitar chords or even a complete song. Let’s break down the basics.Continue reading Learn How to Easily Read Guitar Tabs

Learning Guitar On The Net; Benefits and Drawbacks

By Dimitris Stacosta

Learning guitar isn’t done overnight. It requires hours of practice as well as know-how.

Gone are the days you only had two options; either learn if by yourself or hire a guitar teacher. Today it is both less expensive and much easier to learn how to play guitar.

[ad name=”468×60-banner”]Continue reading Learning Guitar On The Net; Benefits and Drawbacks

Learn To Play The Guitar From Books

It is possible to find the right books to learn guitar nowadays, which offering you a vast amount of information on how to play a guitar like a professional.

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Learning to play guitar can get difficult, especially if you don’t know the best program available. In order to find a complete program that contains Videos, DVDs, and books to learn guitar, you must search the internet.

Its a fast moving world today, and people find it hard to dedicate a couple of hours to learning the skill of playing guitar. A number of books to learn guitar can also be found from the music, or book stores and you can even order them online. These books provide a good source of learning guitar, with minimum efforts involved.Continue reading Learn To Play The Guitar From Books

What Can You Learn From Online Lessons for the Guitar?

So you have been thinking about learning to play the guitar?

Maybe you use to play and want to now get your guitar out from under the bed and become the next guitar hero? Whatever the case things have certainly changed a lot since I first learned and took lessons over 25 years ago.

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Let’s face facts here; no “system” however groundbreaking is going to work for everybody. I found that attempting to learn as a beginner strictly from a book can lead to frustration.

In fact, the frustration can sometimes get to the point that you will simply drop out before you actually get started; which isn’t good. That will not get you any further along to becoming that impressive guitarist you’ve always dreamed of.Continue reading What Can You Learn From Online Lessons for the Guitar?