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Piano Hand Exercises To Improve Your Swiftness And Expertise

Author: RhoneeSavage

Pianist ought to make piano hand workout routines a component of their routines to be able to sustain adroit flexible fingers. Musicians are also sportsman, only they use smaller muscles. Daily tendon and muscle exercises keeps them stretched and powerful. If you’re seeking to engage in many musical styles, exercise both hands on a daily basis.

One form of hand exercise is playing scales. Sit up tall on the piano bench. To ensure correct body alignment, make sure your posture is accurate. Situate your right hand on the keys. Begin with your thumb and use each of the following fingers to play the next key. Use different finger to play each note. Start off slow until you get the hang of it. Continue reading Piano Hand Exercises To Improve Your Swiftness And Expertise

Piano Tips For Beginners

One of the most important piano playing tips is to set aside separate times for piano practice and piano performance. Both practice and performance time are used to improve piano playing, but in different ways.

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1. Practicing piano slowly

Most accurate work is created at slow speeds in “slow motion”. This is when the brain can process notes, rhythms, tone, relaxation, good posture, counting, and accuracy with all simultaneously.

Slow practicing creates a “focused” picture of exactly what you are doing for your brain. Fast runs create a “blurry” version of your song. When you try to retrieve it from memory and play you get a blurry version back that is usually filled with all kinds of errors and mistakes.Continue reading Piano Tips For Beginners

Learn Piano Faster By Making It Fun

Playing the piano is both a cerebral and physical endeavor – BUT, with the proper guidance, it can be a relaxing pursuit.
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Have you ever seen anyone performing on stage, looking SAD?

Imagine how confusing it can be, trying to find the right course or teacher. And then, once you get the course, you’re left on your own. If you want to learn how to play piano quickly and easily, re-discover the “key” to success … and that’s having fun while learning piano.

You don’t know what to practice or how! That WILL NEVER HAPPEN – if you follow these tips:

Playing the piano is seen as a very intelligent skill, and with good reason. The skills you master when you learn to play piano will help increase your hand eye coordination and improve your left and right brain thinking. There is always something new to learn when you learn to play piano.Continue reading Learn Piano Faster By Making It Fun

Repetition Is The Key To Learning Chords

By Mr. Ron

Repetition is the key to learning something deeply. It works most effectively when you are isolating a small amount of material, because the object of your focus will be more specific.
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When you have the correct chord movement for part of an exercise or tune under you hands, repeat it continuously until is flows. You should notice a gradual increase in your comfort level as you continue repetitions, eventually remove your eyes from both the music and the keys, and keep repeating until the movements seem easy.

This activity is especially important for problem spots in harmonic exercise or tunes.

Try to have your hands in position, actually touching the notes before you strike a chord. This will reinforce your “hand memory” of the chord’s shape. When you are ready to play the chord, lift your hands an inch or two and drop the full weight of your hands on the keys, going to the bottom of the key bed.

At first, you probably will miss some notes, and that is OK; simply make the necessary corrections and continue with more repetitions, keeping that feeling of dropping.Continue reading Repetition Is The Key To Learning Chords

Simple Tips To Improve Your Piano Playing

When learning how to play the piano, there are a usual set of rules that everyone is encouraged to follow. Still there are some extra tips you can keep in mind to make the journey a little easier.

These aren’t tips on how to play the piano – rather they are hints to help you understand the instrument and your own playing a little better.
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Practice Tips:

Step 1

Play every day. It will improve your playing much more than just practicing once a week.Continue reading Simple Tips To Improve Your Piano Playing