Category: The Final Mix

Establish Your Mix For A Successful Recording

Now that you’ve spent hours and days and weeks and months recording your musical masterpieces, you have arrived at my favorite time in the studio; The Mixdown.
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But don’t think your job is done yet! The mixdown is just as important as recording. As an artist, you have to approach the mixdown from an artist’s point of view and stay on the ‘creative’ side of the fence where it’s still possible to shape and mold your songs throughout the mixdown process.

Remember the old “Yin-Yang” principle which states, “whenever you turn something up, something else disappears. Furthermore; whenever you turn something down, something else gets louder.” This applies to EQ, levels and almost anywhere you have two or more tracks.

The Beginning Of The End

STOP!! Don’t even think about starting your mixdown on the same day you finish tracking. Take a day off, have a break and then come back refreshed with a new perspective.Continue reading Establish Your Mix For A Successful Recording