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How to Make $30,000 with Your Music Before Years End

By Kenny Love

As an independent musician and/or recording artist, if you did *NOT* earn $30,000 (or more) with your music alone last year, let’s jump right in and get you started with doing so this year.

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Again, bear in mind that the main necessary ingredient is “consistency” of every aspect, and on a weekly basis.

Remember! This is a worst case scenario, in regard to what you should be able to easily earn within each aspect, and you are very likely to earn much more.

The “lead generator(s)” in each aspect reflects the various resources that you will use to obtain results in these areas.Continue reading How to Make $30,000 with Your Music Before Years End

5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Radio Play for Your Independent Music!

By Ty Cohen

You have to find radio airplay time if you’re going to be heard and we’re not just talking the local college campus. The trick is called promotion.

Now that doesn’t mean you just put your press kit in an envelope with a demo and hope they take pity on you. Perhaps you call a station and they give you the standard pitch of, “Send it and if we like it we’ll put you in rotation.” After a few months of never hearing your music, you automatically think you’re not worthy.

First, don’t buy that. You’re one of hundreds, maybe even thousands depending on your city. Your disc will probably end up in the trash or, for more enterprising DJ’s, on Ebay in a one-cent CD sale. If you want to be heard and make potential sales, you have to stand out from the crowd.

#1 – Get your CD into the right hands. Continue reading 5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Radio Play for Your Independent Music!

14 Ways Musicians Can Increase Their Tips

By Bard Marc Gunn

I was listening to NPR the other day when they did a report on tipping in the restaurant industry. On it they had a list of tips on how wait staff can increase their tips.
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That got me brainstorming and surfing the net for other ideas to boost tips. That combined with lots of performances at Renaissance Festivals helped me to develop my own list of ways musicians can improve their tips.

1. Introduce yourself by name

Too often musicians forget to introduce themselves on stage. Make sure you tell the audience your band name, but to really boost your tips, you should also introduce yourselves individually. Let people know who you are as an individual and you’ll see greater tips.

2. Go out into the audience with a tip jarContinue reading 14 Ways Musicians Can Increase Their Tips