Choosing an Electronic Keyboard

By Lisa Beatty

Buying a keyboard can be a daunting task. The sheer number and range of electronic keyboards on the market today is astronomical. In fact the specifications, gadgets and buttons to press on even the most basic models of keyboard can be overwhelming. If you are a beginner or experienced musician it doesn’t matter, choosing the correct keyboard can be a skill in its own right.

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Keyboards differ from normal pianos in quite a few ways. A keyboard tries to mimic the layout and action of a normal piano. Large numbers of people in today’s market prefer the convenience and flexibility they keyboard offers over a traditional piano. Not only can you use a keyboard to create original and varied types of music without the need for multiple instruments will also today’s electronic keyboards actually can last longer and need less maintenance than traditional pianos.

Traditional pianos regularly need maintenance to be carried out by a professional piano tuner. Using a professional piano tuner has become more difficult as this profession is dying out. This also makes using one of these piano tuners expensive.

Electronic keyboards are very user-friendly. You can learn to play a keyboard easily using online resources such as video, audio and e-book. There are many forms of the Internet dedicated to specific models of keyboard so you can always find help and advice easily.

One of the barriers to choosing a good and reliable keyboard is often technophobia. Purchasers are often confused by the array of gadgets and options on keyboard. This should not be a barrier to purchasing a good, brand-name, keyboard. Many of the largest name manufacturers produce excellent and very detailed manuals that are written in plain English.

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Traditional pianos will always have an aura of Romanticism but the keyboards of today are more practical and a better choice for today’s living environments such as apartments and small homes. Having a traditional piano can be a burden when you want to move house or even to just find the room to store a piano making it usable and accessible. Electronic keyboards don’t have this problem because most of them come with fold up stands and carrier bags that make storing your keyboard easy and make transporting your electronic keyboard a simple process.

Many of today’s young musicians purchase electronic keyboards over traditional pianos because of cost but then find that they keyboard has more flexibility than a traditional piano and they stay with an electronic keyboard the rest of their musical lives.

Electronic keyboards have many advantages over traditional pianos and the technological side of them should not deter any musician from choosing the good keyboard.

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Lisa Beatty is a writer and blogger on many areas including health, fitness, music and parenting. The latest writings can be found on CTK 5000 and Casio CTK 5000.

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