Do You Want To Learn How To Play Fingerpicking Guitar?

Finger picking guitar is another alternative for someone looking for variety to spice up their guitar playing.

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Although it can be initially hard to get the hang of using all your fingers for playing the style can be the basis for unique and interesting solo pieces.

Using guitar finger picking, it is much easier to skip strings, or to play non-adjacent strings at the same time, so there are advantages, even for new guitarists.

Basic Guitar Fingerpicking Technique

With guitar fingerpicking style you play the strings directly with your fingers instead of using a pick.

When you reach the more advanced levels there are a variety of finger styles but at the most basic level you follow the rules below.

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You use you thumb to play the 3 bass strings of the guitar. The index finger is used to play the 3rd string, the middle finger is used to play the 2nd string and the ring finger is used to play the 1st string.

The pinkie finger is not used in fingerstyle guitar playing In general you would keep it as close to the ring finger as possible so it wouldn’t get in the way while you were playing.

Once you have your fingers in position over the correct strings it’s time to play a fingerpicking pattern.

Let’s try with a D chord. Simply finger the D chord, pick the 4th string with you thumb then 3rd string, second string, 1st, 2nd 3rd.

Make sure to use the correct finger for each of the strings.

Once you are comfortable using each finger to strike the right string, try changing between chords playing the pattern above.

Remember to change the bass note each time. By playing around with picking arrangements, some really interesting parts can be created.

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