Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

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By Jane Karwoski

Do you know someone who loves music?

Well, there are some fantastic items on the market right now for the avid music fan.

MP3 players make great gifts for everyone. This fun and trendy technological invention allows the user the freedom to make and store his or her personal choice of songs for listening whenever or wherever they go. Also on the market are docking stations for Mp3 players for listening in the area of your choice. These items are very popular with the young set; but would certainly be appreciated by anyone who listens to music on a regular basis.

CD players always make great gifts for anyone. Portable, stand-alone, and mini versions of this item are available. Easy to operate and affordable, you can have one in every room of the house. Most players have the capability of playing CDs in all formats, but make sure you purchase one that plays mostly all the formats available especially if the recipient likes to record music from the computer to blank CDRs. I personally love to create compilation CDRs of my favorite tunes.

When it comes to stereo headphones, it is important not to scrimp on this item. The best stereo headphones to buy for the music lover are closed-end headphones. This type of headphone prevents outside noise from distracting the music listener and works best when recording music. A good pair of headphones can be pricey, but are well worth the investment. (This item is on my Christmas wish list).

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Children, as well as teenagers can value tremendously from learning a musical instrument.

How about an electronic keyboard for the budding musician? Electronic run anywhere from a $100.00 to thousands of dollars. Depending on your budget and the musical ability of the person, music are incredibly versatile, functional and a lot of fun.

Even older adults that never got a chance to learn an instrument when they were young would appreciate a keyboard. Easy to play, especially for the beginner, some are interactive and provide built-in learning tools. Many electronic also include a stand, microphone, built-in recording capability, lighted keyboards, and touch-sensitivity. Many also include DVD’s for instruction on playing the keyboard. “Key” based instruments such as electronic keyboards, piano, synthesizers etc. are best for the beginning musician.

With so many choices for the music lover at our disposal, what better gift to give than something one can appreciate and enjoy for many years to come.

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