How Can You Play Like a Rock Star Right Now?

If you have any interest in rock, heavy metal or any of the harder forms of music then you have definitely heard guitar power chords in action.

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Despite the fact that in musical terms guitar power chords are not actually chords (they only have two notes) they have become a staple of modern music.

Guitar power chords can be played several different ways but the simplest form using just two strings is by far and away the most common.

In fact they have become so popular that in recent years any chord with just 2 notes has been labelled a guitar power chord.

So what is it that makes guitar power chords so attractive?

Why do so many guitarists, including myself, love to crank up the volume on the amp, and bash out of loud obnoxious rock tune using nothing but guitar power chords?

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The answer is that the ease with which you can play them makes them ideal for experimenting with more right-hand and rhythm orientated playing. When you don’t have to concentrate on fingering you can put your heart and soul into expressing yourself through the music, effects and techniques.

It is possible that you have seen power chords written a ‘5’ chord on internet tab or chord charts. Don’t worry this is still a power chord. It’s just a different way of writing the same thing. All it tells us as guitarists is that the power is made up of its root note and the 5th note of the scale.

How to Play Guitar Power Chords

Power chords are nearly always played on the bass strings of the guitar. More experienced guitarists will use a partial barre and play several power chords at the same position on the fret board by simply moving their free fingers.

Learning and playing guitar power chords can be interesting and fun.

They are easy to play and offer a huge amount of satisfaction with just a little effort

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