How to Get Started As a Session-Demo Singer

It’s not easy to get gigs singing on sessions or demos. You can’t just send out a resume and expect to get an interview and a job. You need to be methodical and treat the job hunt as a business, because that’s what it is.

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Tom Gauger in a post on has more to say:

As a singer, trying to break into the music industry, even as a session singer with no real aspiration of signing an artist deal, it can be tough – But it is doable and with real talent and drive you can make it. One of the most appealing aspects to session singers is that it does in fact take talent if you’re in it for the long haul, making it feasible to break into the market.

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Think about it – If session singing does in fact take talent, that takes away a lot of individuals who think they have the talent, but really don’t and therefore leaves room for individuals who can deliver the singing goods when called upon. That fact alone is assuring for singers making a real attempt at breaking in.

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