How To Improve Guitar Tone During Live Performances And Have The Perfect Gig!

By: Eugene Walker

Join us as we take a look into several different methods of how to improve your guitar tone during a live performance. You can also learn the benefits of using guitar backing tracks to help perfect your skills in practice and for help developing tone live.

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One of the key aspects of putting on a great live performance is having a great sounding guitar tone that cuts through the mix. There are a lot of different ways that you can improve your guitar tone during a live performance to help you achieve a professional sounding tone that will leave your audience’s ears pleased.

One of the ways you can improve your tone during a live performance is to cut back on the distortion. Too much distortion can make your notes sound thinner and cause a lot of buzzing that will take away from the rest of your performance.

It’s recommended that if you need a little extra crunch on your guitar that you use an effects pedal rather than the amp settings. Do not cut all the mids out in your settings. Try not to go for the modern “Scooped” mid sound in Mesa Boogie ampilfiers unless you really require that tone. Marshalls are great for their strong midrange and that is the reason why they record so well and are great live amps. Mid range is what makes your tone sound BIG!

Do also ensure that the drums are not over powering and the microphones are properly placed. The noise from the drum will drown the volume of the guitarists if the microphones are not placed strategically in the setup.

Another great tip for improving guitar tone in your live performances is to use a tube amplifier. These provide a warm sounding tone and can really help to bring out the sweetness of your guitar sound. You will also need a great deal of wattage on the speakers too if you have playing in a large hall. Those small amps will not cut it.

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The best way to improve your guitar tone when playing live is to remember that great tone lies in your fingertips. Developing good tone means you have to develop your techniques and skills. The best guitarist in the world could play through the worst equipment around and still make it sound good, because of his playing abilities. If you gave an amateur the best equipment and guitars money could buy, they would still sound like an amateur.

One of the best ways to perfect your techniques and skills is to practice and perform live with guitar backing tracks. Guitar backing tracks can be very beneficial for learning good improvisation techniques. Playing with backing tracks for guitar can help you to be prepared for playing live and help you to develop the natural tone from your own playing style.

These backing tracks for guitarists can also be used to get better guitar tone by using them to play your live shows. Using guitar backing tracks for live shows are like being backed by a professional sounding band, which can help you to find a great quality tone.

Guitar backing tracks are professionally recorded by seasoned musicians and can help you develop your ear along with your skills.

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