How to Make $30,000 with Your Music Before Years End

By Kenny Love

As an independent musician and/or recording artist, if you did *NOT* earn $30,000 (or more) with your music alone last year, let’s jump right in and get you started with doing so this year.

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Again, bear in mind that the main necessary ingredient is “consistency” of every aspect, and on a weekly basis.

Remember! This is a worst case scenario, in regard to what you should be able to easily earn within each aspect, and you are very likely to earn much more.

The “lead generator(s)” in each aspect reflects the various resources that you will use to obtain results in these areas.

So, here is the financial mathematical layout.


Practically any band should be able to market and promote itself well enough to obtain, at least, one gig per week, whether the band is based in a metropolitan or rural setting, and whether it performs on a fulltime or part-time basis.

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So, in our worst case scenario, let’s look at getting one gig per week:

1 Gig X 1 Week @ $300 X 4 weeks = $1,200 per month

Lead Generators:

  • Contacting venue managers and bookers directly
  • Signing on with an area booking agent
  • Placing low-cost ads in your area weekly newspapers
  • Contacting area performance theaters
  • Host your own gig at an area hall or theater
  • Contacting high schools for performances
  • Contacting college student activities offices for performances
  • Low-cost college newspaper ads for possible gigs
  • Low-cost college radio ads for possible gigs
  • Your website calendar gig notices/tours

Note: Provide your media kit and business card to prospective clients.


As you are already aware, most gig employers will allow you to sell your music during performances.

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So, in our worst case scenario, let’s look at getting sales during gigs, with a minimum of 100 people at each gig, and with 10% (10 sales) of the crowd who, after witnessing your mind-blowing spectacular performance, suddenly realize that life is not worth living, and they simply cannot go on unless they own a copy of your CD:

10 sales X $10.00 (per CD) X 4 weeks = $400 per month

Our monthly sub-total is now $1,600

Lead Generator:

  • Your incredible stage performance that left them mesmerized.
  • Your website for additional sales

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