Learn Proper Breathing Support For Singing

By Sarah Walther

In singing proper breathing support is very important, because it is one of the foundation. Proper support must be observed for you to have quality voice and it makes singing a joy. If you have proper support, in the eyes of the audience the production seems effortless and magical. In this article I’m going to share to you helpful tips and learn to sing with proper breathing support.

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Stand Tall

In singing perfect posture is very vital as well as good breath control. In doing this, you have to look at the mirror by standing sideways and observe your posture. You must see to it that your back is as straight as a board.


To have proper breath support, your shoulder should stay down and avoid hunching up every time you breathe. You stand in front of a mirror and watch closely your shoulders and observe. You must focus on your stomach and imagine that the air is going in there.

Tight abs and buttocks

Just like any other weight lifters, singers should also work on their abs and buttocks. Tightening those parts is the most crucial part of support, especially to good vocal production. Your abs and buttocks must remain tight as well as firm every time you are emitting a sound, especially hitting those notes.

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Keep your body still

This time observe your entire body and stand in front of the mirror. Stay as still as you can every time you breathe in. Take a very deep breath as you would when you yawn and do not gulp. Do not move also your head, except for opening your mouth. Make it appear in your body movement that you are taking a deep breathe.

Proper breathing support is one aspect in singing that can be developed overnight. I also sometimes have people coming to me asking for a few lessons, learn few tips in singing and improve their singing performance for some audition in the future.

In most cases, the things that they want can all be improved by proper breathing support. And these things include hitting high notes powerfully, large voice range and many others. Personally, I also think that even pitch control can also be improved with better and stronger breathe support.

Proper support also takes time to develop, it does not happen instantly. This support makes vocal product very smooth and easy, and it makes your voice seems like it is floating and soaring.

With proper support you can do things that at first you imagine would be impossible or difficult to do. You just have to take the time and make extra effort to learn proper breathe support.

In doing this proper breathe support, constant practice is also the key. It pays to practice in front of the mirror everyday and in no time you’ll have the kind of voice you dream of. Proper breathe support also avoids straining your voice and your larynx. It is one of the basic in singing and is therefore very important.

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