Learning Guitar On The Net; Benefits and Drawbacks

By Dimitris Stacosta

Learning guitar isn’t done overnight. It requires hours of practice as well as know-how.

Gone are the days you only had two options; either learn if by yourself or hire a guitar teacher. Today it is both less expensive and much easier to learn how to play guitar.

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The web has lots of resources from which you can learn guitar playing. Elementary issues such as holding the instrument the right way, finger placement and playing chords can be learned online. Playing chords is difficult to learn, yet the most important part of guitar playing.

If you start with electric guitar you’ll run the risk of distraction by the synthesized sound. Learning to play the guitar online will help you master your instrument fast.


One of the great benefits with learning guitar online is that you can learn from the comfort of your home at your own pace. You will need a computer with an internet connection, though.

You go to a certain URL and push a bottom and the page you need will display for your eyes. Follow the instructions exactly, practice slowly and stay focused.

If you have questions most websites have user forums, FAQ pages and online support. Use them.

What are the Cons?

As a matter of fact there are cons about learning to play a musical instrument online. How can you know whether you are playing properly or not?

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You don’t have a teacher to correct you instantly With a guitar teacher standing over your shoulders you’ll get instant feedback and can correct any mistakes on the spot. You can do the same with an online learning program or DVD.

The fact is that many online resources have videos and provide tutorials that tell you exactly what to do to obtain a certain sound. You should choose an online resource with such options.

If you want to boost your progress do the right things the first time. Practice slowly so that mistakes are kept to a minimum. The more times you practice something wrong the slower your progress will be and vice versa.

Take your resource’s instructions literally, do exactly what it tells you to do, exercise a strong self discipline . Only this way you will develop good habits of practice.

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Learning guitar online is fun. Start now. Visit this site for more on learning guitar.

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