Learning to Play Guitar With These 6 Great Tips

by Cindy Claire

If you are a guitar enthusiast, chances are you have tried to learn guitar but you gave up after only a couple of days. When the sore fingers and time crunches set in, you were on the fringe of quitting.

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If this is a good description of you, I encourage you to try learning one more time. I am here to show you some great tips which can aid you in overcoming the problems in the initial stage of learning guitar.

1. Get To Know Your Guitar Well

No amount of practice can help if you don’t know all about the instrument you’re playing and how to take care of it. Also, you can’t play the instrument well if you don’t know how to tune it, or the functions of its various parts. Devote sometime on the user’s manual…this is the easiest and simplest way to start off!

2. Learn With A Guitarist Or Follow A Guitar Guide

You need to get some help. It can be a beginner guitar tutorial, or someone you find from online guitar player’s forums. The best type of help is of course from a real guitar expert who can teach you face to face, as you learn much faster that way.

3. Get Beyond Sore Fingers And Aching muscles

Don’t let this stop you. This is something all beginner players will experience and you can get over it with time and continued practice. Your muscle just needs to get used to the pressure, and the soreness will soon fade if you just keep practicing. Having said that, squeezing a massage ball will help you release the soreness in the first couple of days.

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4. Start With Open Chords

You should start off with learning the open chords, and make sure you learn it in all the new positions. After you get skilled with open chords, you can move on to bar chords which is slightly difficult. Remember, your muscles require some time to adapt to these chords.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

This proverb holds true for whatever you try to achieve in your life. With that being said, practicing guitar repeatedly can be quite boring after some while. To maintain your interest level, it is a good idea to play your favorite songs on your guitar. That way, you will find more fun with learning.

6. Make It A Habit To Tune Your Guitar Regularly

Do it before each practice or performance, as the music will lose all its charm with just one string wrong. So, if you want to be a good guitarist, keep these subtle things in mind – you cannot afford to compromise on them.

Just remember, learning to play guitar can be boring and frustrating sometimes but you will definitely be a better player if you can stick to it.

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