Music Business – Cash in on the Big Show

by Greg Joes

Summer is prime time for large musical festivals. Every genre and crowd has their own music business in all major festivals. Between musicians, fans, and press the event can be a practical who is who of any given scene. Regardless of who is there the large volume of people make a music festival (or any show really) the perfect opportunity to spread the word about your own music business.

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I know that we all have been at a show or festival and been handed a flyer to another show. I typically find this action annoying, but that is because the presentation of the person handing out the flyer. They act as if they are handing out a sample of toothpaste on the street during lunch hour. If you are passing out flyers or demos you need to impress the people in the ten seconds you have their attention.

You become a living television commercial in these situations. You need to grab and hold attention while inspiring your audience to check out your music biz or show. Exude genuine enthusiasm when you approach someone.

Sell yourself and your music to them. Do not act cool or disinterested. You obviously are interested since you are handing out flyers or CDs. Remember this is a commercial and you want the people to remember you.

A good example of memorable grassroots promotion comes from Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. In the documentary DiG! Anton is shown outside a CMJ music business showcase wearing roller blades, all white, alien goggle glasses, and a fur cap passing out free LPs for industry people to listen to. This presentation will definitely be remembered.

Of course this technique may be a bit over the top for most and pulling off something so dramatic will definitely come off as forced. This style worked for Anton because it matched his personality. Your personality and that of your music must come through just like Anton did at CMJ.

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When handing out your bands materials always be sure to look the person in the eye and make sure you have their full attention. You need to lock on and make that connection and sometimes eye contact may be enough to reach someone.

When advertising you will be seen by many but the percentage of people who actually invest time in whatever you are handing out will be small regardless of how well you present yourself.

The point is to be seen by as many people as possible in hopes of sticking with a few observers. Do not be afraid to put yourself and do not be turned off by a low success rate. Getting even one person interested is worth the effort.

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