Perform A Guitar String Bend Correctly

Guitar string bends are a fantastic technique for adding a new dimension to your playing.
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In theory they are fairly simple to perform. All you have to do is strike a string on your guitar and then push the string either upwards or downwards to raise the pitch.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

In practice this ‘simple’ technique is a tough one for most new guitarists to master.

So how do you play guitar string bends?

Below is a useful guide on how to play a string bend …

You have played a string bend when you fret a string and push it up or down.

When we do this we basically shorten the length of the string, which in turn raises the strings pitch. The more you shorten the string (bend it) the more the pitch rises.
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To bend a guitar string to the correct pitch requires a fair amount of finger strength and the technique is much easier to perform if you wrap your thumb around the neck and use it as a pivot point.

Once your thumb is in the correct position you are ready to do the bend. In general you will need more than one finger, and normally 3 to bend a string the required amount.

When you first attempt the bend you will probably fail miserably to raise the pitch by much at all. With a little practice and as your finger strength builds up you will be able to bend more and more until you can reach the desired pitch.

And that brings us to the last point.

If you don’t bend to the correct pitch you haven’t played the bend correctly.

A clever technique you can use to practice this is to play a note on a particular string, move your finger to a lower fret (1 fret lower when you’re starting off) and try and bend the string at the lower fret so you sound the previous note.
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