Piano Hand Exercises To Improve Your Swiftness And Expertise

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Pianist ought to make piano hand workout routines a component of their routines to be able to sustain adroit flexible fingers. Musicians are also sportsman, only they use smaller muscles. Daily tendon and muscle exercises keeps them stretched and powerful. If you’re seeking to engage in many musical styles, exercise both hands on a daily basis.

One form of hand exercise is playing scales. Sit up tall on the piano bench. To ensure correct body alignment, make sure your posture is accurate. Situate your right hand on the keys. Begin with your thumb and use each of the following fingers to play the next key. Use different finger to play each note. Start off slow until you get the hang of it.

Practice expressing your notes clearly. Once you reach the top note, go the other way. Use your thumb to end the final note. The more comfortable you get, the faster you should begin to play.

To help relax your muscles, massage your hands and forearms. This minimizes stress while you play. Place a tennis sized ball on sturdy exterior. Gently and slowly, roll your forearm back and forth along the ball. Keep your shoulders loosened. Relax about 30 seconds after you’ve done this for a minute.

Now place your forearm palm-up on the table, and then move the ball to the other hand. Gently roll the ball over your wrist, hand and forearm. Do this exercise for 60 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Continue repeating this during the day.

According to Piano Fundamentals, stretching your palms help when you play. Set your left palm on top of your right palm. Your right arm will be facing left and your left are pointing right. Set your hands in front of your chest. Intertwine your pinky fingers and your thumbs.

Your three middle fingers should be touching your palms now. Gently press your hands together and spread your palms. Keep your hands like this for 10 seconds. Stop pressing your hands together and relax. Duplicate this exercise twice.

Curling your fingers helps rejuvenate and keep them limber. Place your right hand on the keys in proper position. Make your hand look like you’re grasping a ball by bending your fingers. Now put your fingers over the proper keys. Move your index finger swiftly, as if you were playing a short note.

Repeat this five times with each finger, relaxing four seconds between each time. Move on to your left hand. You can also exercise by striking the keys and holding them down for two seconds. Once you become comfortable, exercise using both hands together.

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