Recording Studio Setup – Top 5 Tips For Garage Bands

by John B Murray

Recording studio setup is the icing on the cake when you have a band. Starting your own band is a real thrill. However, an even greater thrill is when you have finally written enough songs to record your own music and are able to send it out to prospective music industry executives.

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You want the sound quality to be perfect, so you can really showcase the music and what your band is about to industry A&R representatives. It is they who will ultimately pass on your golden ticket to a recording deal. Your bands demo has to be perfect but what if you do not have the money to record in a fancy studio, though? Not to worry, you can create your own recording studio setup, at home, and receive just as great a result.

First, you need to use a room with the correct acoustics. This is likely to take some work and experimentation but getting this right within your recording studio setup is of fundamental importance. Play something through your mixing speakers. If you can hear very loud music outside of the studio, you may want to consider using headphones when recording as a courtesy to others in the building.

Next, remember to trust your ears. If within your recording studio setup something sounds dissonant to you then it will be magnified through a microphone. Remember to tune all instruments correctly before recording so they will be sounding prime for the recording. Also, you may need to purchase new drum heads or a new set of strings in advance of the recording session to enhance the quality of the sound.

The largest mistake that is made by people doing their own recording is that they forget to save their work. Save your work after every recording to ensure that you do not lose anything that you have worked on. Within your recording studio setup ensure you have facilities to maintain backups of your recordings on external hard drives. This security measure is key in recording your own work so you do not waste time by having to needlessly re-record material.

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Also, do not forget to keep extra strings, microphone cables, drumsticks and anything that could possibly break in stock at your at-home recording studio setup. At some point, something will go wrong or break and you are going to need spare items to continue the recording process. This tip is essential to make sure you do not use up time trying to buy new equipment when you could still be recording.

Last, but not least, keep your engineering simple. There is no need to add many tracks to a recording that simply needs a mono track. If you are looking to impress a music industry executive, you should let your bands music speak for itself, not be overpowered by fancy sound effects. Do remember to have fun. However, keep all these tips in mind when working in your recording studio setup.

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