Simple Tips For Practicing Guitar

Learning guitar is often referred to as yoga for the fingers, as they learn to stretch and even grow a little differently. The key to learning guitar is practice and if done the right way, it sure can be a whole lot of fun!
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Learning guitar soon becomes a wonderful experience once you can play numerous songs. Learning guitar is fun, develops confidence, coordination, an understanding of music, and develops a life long skill.

Here are some simple tips for practicing the guitar:

(1) Eliminate distractions.

Get yourself a well-lit quiet, comfortable location, free from distractions like radio, T.V., relatives and well-meaning friends.

(2) Develop a regular practice schedule.

If possible practice at the same time, and for the same amount of time each day – at least five times a week.

(3) Don’t over-practice.

A regular “gig”, or professional recording date is usually 45-50 minutes of playing time, followed by a 10-15 minute break.

Try a similar pattern in your practice schedule. Don’t become dull, sleepy, bored, or risk losing concentration by working long sessions without a break. So stop, take a break to clear your mind, and move your body around. This will keep you alert, increase the speed at which you learn, and help you make full use of your limbs.
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(4) Warm up.

When you sit down to practice, take a few minutes to warm up your muscles, then settle into playing. The warm-up should be a slow, simple exercise or, song, or pattern that gradually takes you all over the neck on all strings.

(5) Don’t over-practice any one exercise or problem.

Study several different things in each practice session. That will keep you progressing in many areas of your guitar skill.

Most of all learning guitar is about learning to enjoy the instrument. It is an adventure and your teacher must be able to excite and inspire you. When you start to learn how to play guitar, it is important that you pick the right song to start with.

A good tutor will always ask you what you are interested in playing. Gone are the days when you were told what to play, these days guitar tutoring is very inter-active and makes learning a lot more enjoyable and inspiring.
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