Simple Tips To Improve Your Piano Playing

When learning how to play the piano, there are a usual set of rules that everyone is encouraged to follow. Still there are some extra tips you can keep in mind to make the journey a little easier.

These aren’t tips on how to play the piano – rather they are hints to help you understand the instrument and your own playing a little better.
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Practice Tips:

Step 1

Play every day. It will improve your playing much more than just practicing once a week.

Step 2
Flex your fingers to make them supple before starting to play.

Step 3
Warm your hands if they are cold.

Step 4
Choose times to play when you can be by yourself. Nothing is worse than having other people listen while you are learning to play.

Step 5
Start playing everything slowly. When you can play the piece evenly and smoothly, gradually work up to the right speed. You won’t get it right if you start out too fast.
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Step 6
Try to learn something new every week. Don’t be discouraged if you are not getting everything right the first few times around.

Step 7
Be patient. Make sure you can play every piece smoothly before you go on to the next tune.

Step 8
If you have problems with one particular part, practice that part separately until you’ve mastered it, then try the whole tune all the way through.

Step 9
Try to play keeping your eyes on the music, not on your hands or the keyboard.

Step 10
Polish your playing. Correct mistakes before they become bad habits.

Don’t compare yourself to other players. Remember that everyone learns at his/her own pace – some of the best players in the world have been the slowest learners. It’s their diligence and steady practice that has really seen them through.

Comparing yourself to other players will not only bring down your self confidence, it will also cause you to set counter-productive goals.

These might seem like very simple tips, but they can make a world of difference when you’re starting out. They are golden rules anyone can follow when they learn how to play the piano.
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