Songwriting Skill – Three Tips to Develop Your Songwriting Craft

By Samantha Gonzalez

Songwriting skill can at times seem like one of the most difficult skills to develop. Not only do you have to be creative, but you also have to be able to communicate effectively.

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These sound simple enough, but most of us know they are not as simple as they sound. There are, however, a few simple tactics that will improve your songwriting tremendously.

1. Practice Your Songwriting.

Seems obvious, right? Many people don’t get the idea that songwriting is something that needs practice. Some argue that it is an art, and either you have it, or you don’t.

I disagree.

Every art form needs practice. Every artist needs to spend a lot of time to develop their craft. All you need to do is work your creativity.

Set aside some time every single day to work on your songs. If you don’t practice, you won’t get anywhere.

2. Look for Inspiration.

Many songwriters believe that they need to wait to write a song when the inspiration is blindingly obvious. This is not necessary.

Looking for inspiration is a great way to keep you productive when it comes to songwriting. Song ideas are everywhere, but many people fail to realize this.

You don’t have to wait until a personal experience motivates you to write a song.

Watch a movie, read the newspaper, keep your ears open for an inspiring conversation. Eventually your mind will look for ideas on its own. It is important to find ideas that move you.

If something moves you, you can make it move somebody else.

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3. Don’t Get Discouraged.

It is important to remember that crafts like songwriting take a long time to master. Many folks get discouraged and quit early on, but it is important to stay focused and practice for the long term.

Your efforts will add up over time, and you will be able to see measurable progress from the time you started writing songs.

The last thing I always try to do is have fun when writing. Not only will it make your experience a lot more pleasurable and satisfying, but it will help you to stick with your craft and master your songwriting skill.

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