Stage Fright and Musicians

A large percentage of musicians experience stage fright, before or during almost every performance.  Is this necessarily a bad thing?

If you can use the nervous energy to get that extra “edge” to your performance, it can be a good thing.

In fact, a certain amount of anxiety may be necessary for you to get into “the zone” where everything just clicks for you and your performance.  Without that extra kick, your performance may just be flat and uninspired.

If, on the other hand, stage fright overwhelms you and causes you to freeze up, it can be devastating for your performance.

Here are some more tips for overcoming performance anxiety.

The 9 Keys to Becoming the Best That You Can Be

Nine different ways, to be specific:

  1. Preparation: Learn how to practice the right way

  2. Manage energy: Learn how to control your body’s response to adrenaline

  3. Confidence: Learn how to build confidence

  4. Courage: Learn how to play courageously (vs. playing tentatively and worrying about mistakes)

  5. Concentration: Learn how to slow down and regain control of your mind – even under pressure

  6. Focus: Learn how to quiet the mind, focus past distractions, and stay in the moment

  7. Resilience: Learn how to recover quickly from mistakes (so you don’t make even more mistakes)

  8. Determination: Learn how to keep yourself motivated and relentlessly pursue your goals

  9. X-Factor Learn to unlock that something special, that je ne sais quois that makes all the difference in the world

Check out the original article for more on the causes and cures for stage fright.


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