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Chord Inversions

When you actually get to look at the succession of chords in a song, it can be pretty intimidating when you see the inversions come up. Chord inversions are something that seems to be really intimidating for most beginner guitar players.

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And there are a lot of guitar players who just shrug off the learning of chord inversions just because they think that it is difficult to learn and that they will be able to become really successful guitar players without even learning these inversions.

What you might not know is that the chord inversions could be something that you really need to learn for you to be able to get the exact chord that would fit the song.Continue reading Chord Inversions

Beginner Guitar Scales Lesson Made Simple

Author: Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Most popular music, whether it’s rock, blues, or even country, is based on a few common scales, so we’re going to start with those.

Specifically, we’ll look at the major and minor scales, and the major and minor pentatonic scales. These are fairly simple guitar scales that are extremely useful in a wide variety of musical contexts.Continue reading Beginner Guitar Scales Lesson Made Simple

Learning to Play Guitar With These 6 Great Tips

by Cindy Claire

If you are a guitar enthusiast, chances are you have tried to learn guitar but you gave up after only a couple of days. When the sore fingers and time crunches set in, you were on the fringe of quitting.

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If this is a good description of you, I encourage you to try learning one more time. I am here to show you some great tips which can aid you in overcoming the problems in the initial stage of learning guitar.

1. Get To Know Your Guitar WellContinue reading Learning to Play Guitar With These 6 Great Tips