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Single Coil or Humbucking Pickups – What is the Best for your Electric Guitar?

by Men Leblanc

In this article we will take a look at some of the differences between Humbucking pickups and Single Coil pickups, both technically and tonally. Many think, “Isn’t a Humbucker just two Single Coils side by side?” The answer is actually yes and no as they both provide quite distinct tonal and technical characteristics.

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There have been lots of attempts to utilize both tones in one instrument or pickup, but the over all opinion is that a guitar is either use one or the other. Like they say, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.Continue reading Single Coil or Humbucking Pickups – What is the Best for your Electric Guitar?

Left Handed Guitars

By: Larry Green

Learning to play musical instruments is always a pleasure. Generally, the musical instruments are designed and sold for the majority of people. As most of the people use their right hands to do their work, guitars are designed exclusively for those right handed personalities.

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This does not mean that left handed people don’t deserve their own musical instrument.

If you love to play guitar, but the normal guitar is very difficult for you, then you should search for left handed electric guitars or left handed acoustic guitars according to your choice.Continue reading Left Handed Guitars

Varieties of Guitars

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Guitars are the most common instruments played by many music lovers of all ages. Even kids can easily learn to play the guitar. Choosing the right guitar is very easy. There are many types of guitars that can go along with any kind of music. All a guitar player needs to do is identify the kind of music he prefers to know which type of guitar is best for him.

The following are the most common types of guitars.

Classical Guitars

Continue reading Varieties of Guitars