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LA’s Kulak’s Woodshed Live Streams LA Music Scene to the World

by John Mahoney

Kulak’s Woodshed (KulaksWoodshed.com), is an LA music venue that is a center of the LA singer/songwriter scene, live streams performances worldwide via the worldwide web.

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One of LA’s best kept secrets is now making it known throughout the US and the world that live performances of seasoned players and new artists can be viewed for free on the Kulak’s Woodshed website.Continue reading LA’s Kulak’s Woodshed Live Streams LA Music Scene to the World

How To Be A Professional Singer

By Chris Chew

So your friends have been telling you that you are a talented and good singer. You have a rich clear singing voice, a unique performing style and that you could even make it to the finals of the American Idol show or the singing idol contest of whichever country that you are in.

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You are basking with joy with all these compliments pertaining to your singing ability and is toying with the idea of becoming a professional singer, but you do know that to break into the music and entertainment industry is a very stormy ride. So the question is how are you going to become a successful professional singer and to be a good one at that?

First of all, let us be realistic. Making the all important transition from an amateur to a professional in any field can be a daunting task and even more so in a the entertainment industry like singing or acting.Continue reading How To Be A Professional Singer