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7 Tips For Learning Guitar Barre Chords

1. You Don’t Have To Work So Hard

Learning guitar barre chords is a difficult enough experience without putting extra pressure on yourself. Try to keep in mind that when you are playing you only need to lift your fingers just enough to change between chords. Also, when you’re holding down the barre, remember that you don’t have to barre every single string.

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2. Don’t Use The Soft Part Of Your Finger

When you are making a barre try to hold it with the side of your finger and not the soft fleshy part. The easiest way to do this is to roll your finger slightly away from the fret. When you roll your finger it guarantees that you won’t be holding the barre with the fleshy bit – increasing your chances of sounding the chord cleanly.Continue reading 7 Tips For Learning Guitar Barre Chords

What Can You Learn From Online Lessons for the Guitar?

So you have been thinking about learning to play the guitar?

Maybe you use to play and want to now get your guitar out from under the bed and become the next guitar hero? Whatever the case things have certainly changed a lot since I first learned and took lessons over 25 years ago.

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Let’s face facts here; no “system” however groundbreaking is going to work for everybody. I found that attempting to learn as a beginner strictly from a book can lead to frustration.

In fact, the frustration can sometimes get to the point that you will simply drop out before you actually get started; which isn’t good. That will not get you any further along to becoming that impressive guitarist you’ve always dreamed of.Continue reading What Can You Learn From Online Lessons for the Guitar?

The Secret To Learning Scales On The Guitar

Learning guitar scales nearly drove me crazy.

The whole process was long frustrating and to tell you the truth, at first, I just didn’t see the point of it.

You see, when I first started learning guitar all i wanted to do was to play my favorite songs. I had no interest in learning the background theory. I way a D.I.Y guitarist doing it all by myself, not one of those fancy kids with their music lessons.
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Learning all the modes, theory and scales really wasn’t for me.

To be perfectly honest…