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Common Ways To Learn To Play The Guitar

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Here are some of the more common ways to learn to play the guitar. Try each method to see what works best for you.

Group Lessons:
Learning in a group setting can be less intimidating for the beginning musician. You not only get the benefit of having a teacher to help you along you can often judge your progress by where the other students are in the class. The worst part about taking lessons in a group setting is the teachers time is divided so you may not get as much attention as you might need.

Private Lessons:
This is the best way to learn to play the if you can find the right teacher. The instructor can gauge your progress each week and custom design your lessons for you. You have your teachers’ undivided attention and you can ask anything you feel is not clear.

CD Lessons:
There are many instruction CDs available in nearly any style you can think of. The advantage of this style of learning is you can listen to the CD as many times as you want. Any part that is not clear can be replayed as many times as needed. The disadvantages include the songs may not be the ones you desire to learn and the instruction is more general without any way of knowing where you are in your musical journey.Continue reading Common Ways To Learn To Play The Guitar