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How To Play Guitar Fast – Avoiding Critical Mistakes In Learning To Increase Your Guitar Speed

Do you struggle with playing guitar fast? Is your lack of guitar speed making it difficult for you to express yourself fully as a musician?

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Although playing guitar fast is not every guitarist’s most significant goal, those who do want to improve their guitar speed desire this skill very much and are often frustrated with being unable to develop this part of their guitar playing.

If this describes you, I want to share with you several important insights about building guitar speed that will greatly help you to develop this skill.Continue reading How To Play Guitar Fast – Avoiding Critical Mistakes In Learning To Increase Your Guitar Speed

Chord Inversions

When you actually get to look at the succession of chords in a song, it can be pretty intimidating when you see the inversions come up. Chord inversions are something that seems to be really intimidating for most beginner guitar players.

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And there are a lot of guitar players who just shrug off the learning of chord inversions just because they think that it is difficult to learn and that they will be able to become really successful guitar players without even learning these inversions.

What you might not know is that the chord inversions could be something that you really need to learn for you to be able to get the exact chord that would fit the song.Continue reading Chord Inversions

You Can Learn How To Play The Blues

by Ed Haas

The blues has influenced almost every genre of music. All the great guitar players of our time have been influenced to some degree by the blues. The music theory involved in playing the blues is rather simple, but the feeling that can be applied to playing the blues is what makes it so popular.

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The 12 bar blues progression:

If you want to learn how to play blues, you need to know the 12 bar blues progression. Just as its’ name implies, it is made up of 12 bars (measures) of music. the 12 bars just keep repeating. The most common chord progression would be the I, IV, and V chords of the key that you want to play in.Continue reading You Can Learn How To Play The Blues

Learn To Play The Guitar From Books

It is possible to find the right books to learn guitar nowadays, which offering you a vast amount of information on how to play a guitar like a professional.

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Learning to play guitar can get difficult, especially if you don’t know the best program available. In order to find a complete program that contains Videos, DVDs, and books to learn guitar, you must search the internet.

Its a fast moving world today, and people find it hard to dedicate a couple of hours to learning the skill of playing guitar. A number of books to learn guitar can also be found from the music, or book stores and you can even order them online. These books provide a good source of learning guitar, with minimum efforts involved.Continue reading Learn To Play The Guitar From Books