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A Simple Way To Understand Guitar Songs

by Sanoli Drakob

When you first begin learning to play the guitar you truly want easy to learn guitar tunes or songs to start with. Otherwise it’s the equivalent of trying to comprehend German when you have only learned the fundamental words.

By starting with easy to master guitar tunes you’re setting yourself up for a much quicker learning curve and you will find that you will pick up learning the guitar significantly quicker and easier then without utilizing tunes or songs to base your guitar abilities on.Continue reading A Simple Way To Understand Guitar Songs

How to Tune a Guitar – Helpful Guide on Tuning Your Guitar

by Chris J Jones

When learning the guitar you can be so busy trying to learn chords and songs that you may not even know if your guitar is in or out of tune. Being able to tune a guitar is very important when you begin learning.

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There is no point in learning your favorite song if your guitar is out of tune, is there? The first step to know about tuning your guitar is what sound you are looking for from each string. We need to know which note each string will be tuned to:Continue reading How to Tune a Guitar – Helpful Guide on Tuning Your Guitar

3 Simple Steps For Holding A Guitar Pick

When you first start learning guitar dropping the pick into the sound hold can be very irritating.

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It’s not uncommon to be strumming along, just getting into a grove and then slowly feel the guitar pick slipping from your fingers. The next thing you know the pick slips and falls into the one place you don’t want it to go – the sound hole.

Even if you’re lucky enough to miss the sound hole it can still be an ordeal trying to find your guitar pick on the floor because they seem to magically blend in so well with everything.

This can be an infuriating problem especially when you start to get the hang of the more difficult stuff like changing between guitar chords and guitar strumming patterns.Continue reading 3 Simple Steps For Holding A Guitar Pick

Starting your Own Band

by Andrew M. Lee

If you learn to play guitar, drums or bass for example the next step that many of you will want to take is to start your own band. This has been the dream of teenagers for years but just how do you go about undertaking this? Well there are a number of avenues that you can explore; you could advertise for other members or you may know people who have friends or family who are also interested in starting up a band.

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In my experience however one of the main ways that bands come together is friends. If you are learning guitar and your best friends are learning bass and drums it comes pretty naturally that you will form a band together but deciding to be in a band is one thing, making it work is another…Continue reading Starting your Own Band

Learning to Play Guitar With These 6 Great Tips

by Cindy Claire

If you are a guitar enthusiast, chances are you have tried to learn guitar but you gave up after only a couple of days. When the sore fingers and time crunches set in, you were on the fringe of quitting.

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If this is a good description of you, I encourage you to try learning one more time. I am here to show you some great tips which can aid you in overcoming the problems in the initial stage of learning guitar.

1. Get To Know Your Guitar WellContinue reading Learning to Play Guitar With These 6 Great Tips