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Be a Star By Serving The Music, Sing Backup

If you want to be center stage and lead act of the show, you cannot sing backup. You must sing behind the lead act, not overpower them. You must be able to play a supporting position to the idol and not feel left out if you want to sing backup.

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To sing backup is much harder than it looks. Backup singing requires a great amount of listening and being very sensitive to the main singer, much as an instrumental accompanist would. You must learn to breathe and begin and end your phrase as the main singer does. You must, in effect be the singers shadow.

Hopefully you have some input or control over where you sit or stand on stage. See to it that you can see the singer at all times. The job of backup singing is much harder if you can’t see the singers face. Watch the singer to learn where they are going. The singer will change course or make a mistake and only if you are aware can you react. Watch the singer intently and always. Be on the lookout for a simple nod of the head or gesture that may indicate a repeat or change of course.Continue reading Be a Star By Serving The Music, Sing Backup

The Biggest Error With Adult Violin Lessons Online

by: Richard Rowley

There are many adults worldwide searching for violin lessons online or offline. Learning to play any instrument later in life is a very challenging and exciting time. However there is one common mistake that many adults make during the learning curve. If you can avoid this you will progress much quicker.

The major error I see a lot of adults make when learning an instrument is that their ears are too developed! Okay I know this sounds strange and having developed ears is not really the problem.Continue reading The Biggest Error With Adult Violin Lessons Online