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Tips for Preparing to Perform in a Singing Contest

by Andrew

It’s sometimes truly astonishing how people are given an opportunity to sing in a singing contest and they aren’t even properly prepared. If you are truly serious about singing then it’s imperative that you educate yourself and prepare for the competition to the best of your ability. No matter how wonderful your voice might be, this is not the only thing judges will be grading.

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For instance, the way you appear is as important as how good your singing and performance is. If you step onstage looking like a troll or mess up during your performance through carelessness, then the judges will definitely not be concentrating on your singing anymore.

What you are wearing, saying, and how you are handling your anxiety are all things that make a performance good or bad. I’ve done a few performances myself and there are a few tips in particular that I feel are rather important to giving a great performance.Continue reading Tips for Preparing to Perform in a Singing Contest

How To Reduce Feedback When You Play


If you’ve performed live on stage or even a casual jam with your friends at band practice — one of the most annoying things guitarists have is a thing called FEEDBACK!

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If you don’t know what feedback is — it’s that terrible high pitched sound that comes from speakers.

It usually happens when you place your microphone too close to the speaker or play your guitar directly in front of the amplifier.Continue reading How To Reduce Feedback When You Play