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The Art of Microphone Placement When Recording Guitar

By Richard Marples

The biggest problem with many amateur guitarists is poor tone, and that’s the first thing you might want to correct before you start placing a microphone for recording. Get down and listen to your amp and guitar combination on microphone level – that is where the microphone would be placed when recording.

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Adjust your tone so that you’re happy with it, but remember one thing: the low-end will be increased with a microphone placed close to the source, which is known as proximity effect.

Like any other piece of kit, the same microphone can give tremendously different results depending on how it is used. To get the sound you are looking for takes a bit of expertise and a lot of experimenting. Even the best microphones available can sound “boomy” and unusable if not used correctly.Continue reading The Art of Microphone Placement When Recording Guitar