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How To Teach Yourself Piano Playing

By Chris Chew

As we all know, the piano is an elegant musical instrument that may look a wee bit intimidating to learn how to play it yourself. But if you want to save on expensive tuition fees, then you can teach yourself how to play piano as it can be done. This article will show you how to do it.

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First of all, you need to decide what style or what kind of pianist you want to be. If you aspire to be a concert pianist, then you need to learn the classical styles of great composers such as Beethoven or Mozart. To learn classical piano, you must be able to read notes and thus this form may be more difficult to teach yourself.

But if you only want to learn the piano so that you can accompany a singer or play songs that you have written yourself, then you can start by just learning how to play piano chords and add in the frills and thrills later as you get more proficient as a piano player. Of course, learning this way is much easier.Continue reading How To Teach Yourself Piano Playing

5 Tips to Improve Your Musical Performance Technique

Author: evan

This week we’re going to look into some tips on how to improve your technical agility. One of the main abilities a musician must have is to have command of the technical aspects of his/her instrument.

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Tip #1: Play everything slowly

“Slow is the same as fast”. Maybe you’ve heard of that phrase. I’d like to interpret it as understanding that all movements that you make while playing rapid passages must have the same relaxed feeling as though you were playing slowly. What better way to do that than practicing slowly?Continue reading 5 Tips to Improve Your Musical Performance Technique

Left Handed Guitars

By: Larry Green

Learning to play musical instruments is always a pleasure. Generally, the musical instruments are designed and sold for the majority of people. As most of the people use their right hands to do their work, guitars are designed exclusively for those right handed personalities.

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This does not mean that left handed people don’t deserve their own musical instrument.

If you love to play guitar, but the normal guitar is very difficult for you, then you should search for left handed electric guitars or left handed acoustic guitars according to your choice.Continue reading Left Handed Guitars

Learning Guitar On The Net; Benefits and Drawbacks

By Dimitris Stacosta

Learning guitar isn’t done overnight. It requires hours of practice as well as know-how.

Gone are the days you only had two options; either learn if by yourself or hire a guitar teacher. Today it is both less expensive and much easier to learn how to play guitar.

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