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The Rockstar Checklist

By Cari Cole

Being a rockstar and having a music career in music is one of the most fulfilling and exciting lifestyles imaginable. But it’s not only reserved for those at the top.

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You can master your own rockstar world with this quick and easy checklist I give all of my students. Rock on!

  1. Master Your Instrument/s(voice – and piano, guitar etc.)
  2. Impress yourself as if you were trying to impress your boss. Being a Rockstar is a job – treat it like one.
  3. Surround yourself with people better than you.
  4. Never think for a second that you can’t do it.
  5. Everything everybody says to you is advice– not gospel.
  6. Learn from the music you listen to and then take it one step further – rather than copy it.
  7. Never, never, ever burn bridges– There’s absolutely no reason to be vindictive or look down on anyone in the business – because hopefully you will have a long career and everyone’s working hard just like you.
  8. Make sure your whole camp is on board with your music and direction – There are plenty of people out there looking for great artists.
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  10. Dress the part, act the part, live the part– because you are 24/7 marketing yourself – and there’s a lot of competition out there.
  11. It’s never about YOU – it’s always about THEM. Be interested in people – don’t blabber on about yourself. People do business with people they like.
  12. Despite popular opinion, those in the music industry that drink and do drugs are not nearly as respected as those that don’t.
  13. Continue reading The Rockstar Checklist

5 Tips to Improve Your Musical Performance Technique

Author: evan

This week we’re going to look into some tips on how to improve your technical agility. One of the main abilities a musician must have is to have command of the technical aspects of his/her instrument.

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Tip #1: Play everything slowly

“Slow is the same as fast”. Maybe you’ve heard of that phrase. I’d like to interpret it as understanding that all movements that you make while playing rapid passages must have the same relaxed feeling as though you were playing slowly. What better way to do that than practicing slowly?Continue reading 5 Tips to Improve Your Musical Performance Technique

Choosing an Electronic Keyboard

By Lisa Beatty

Buying a keyboard can be a daunting task. The sheer number and range of electronic keyboards on the market today is astronomical. In fact the specifications, gadgets and buttons to press on even the most basic models of keyboard can be overwhelming. If you are a beginner or experienced musician it doesn’t matter, choosing the correct keyboard can be a skill in its own right.

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Keyboards differ from normal pianos in quite a few ways. A keyboard tries to mimic the layout and action of a normal piano. Large numbers of people in today’s market prefer the convenience and flexibility they keyboard offers over a traditional piano. Not only can you use a keyboard to create original and varied types of music without the need for multiple instruments will also today’s electronic keyboards actually can last longer and need less maintenance than traditional pianos.

Traditional pianos regularly need maintenance to be carried out by a professional piano tuner. Using a professional piano tuner has become more difficult as this profession is dying out. This also makes using one of these piano tuners expensive.Continue reading Choosing an Electronic Keyboard

What is the Difference Between Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar

Choosing the right guitar for you can be quite an ordeal. You want it to look cool hanging from around your neck, but you also want it to be comfortable and unique. You see the many different types on television and that makes it even more difficult to decide.

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The first decision that you have to make is between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar. Knowing a few things about both might help you to make an informed decision.

The difference between an acoustic and an electric guitar is simply amplification. An electric one needs an amplifier, but they are much easier to play. The electric guitar will cost more because you will have to purchase a good amp, and they both cost quite a bit of money.Continue reading What is the Difference Between Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar

You’re Too Loud! Keeping Your Sanity When Playing Restaurants and Small Clubs

Restaurants and small bars make great venues for duos and small bands to play. For financial as well as practical reasons, these places are too small for larger groups, yet they still want to have live music to attract the crowds.

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However, you must always remember that YOU are not the primary purpose of the restaurant or bar. The primary purpose, as for any business, is to make money.

As a performer, you should be able to relate to this, since you need to make money as well. (If you are just doing it for the music, while a great noble and artistic attitude, you’re better off just jamming at home.)Continue reading You’re Too Loud! Keeping Your Sanity When Playing Restaurants and Small Clubs