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Use Vibrato to Make Your Classical Guitar Music Come Alive

Author: Emre Sabuncuoglu

Would you like to make your music vibrate with the pulse of life? In order to move the soul, music must reflect life itself, celebrating life’s joys and mourning life’s sorrows.

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Vibrato, a method of slightly varying the pitch of your guitar, brings your music to life by employing specialized left-hand techniques to cause a string or strings to vibrate at a varied pitch.Continue reading Use Vibrato to Make Your Classical Guitar Music Come Alive

What Can You Learn From Online Lessons for the Guitar?

So you have been thinking about learning to play the guitar?

Maybe you use to play and want to now get your guitar out from under the bed and become the next guitar hero? Whatever the case things have certainly changed a lot since I first learned and took lessons over 25 years ago.

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Let’s face facts here; no “system” however groundbreaking is going to work for everybody. I found that attempting to learn as a beginner strictly from a book can lead to frustration.

In fact, the frustration can sometimes get to the point that you will simply drop out before you actually get started; which isn’t good. That will not get you any further along to becoming that impressive guitarist you’ve always dreamed of.Continue reading What Can You Learn From Online Lessons for the Guitar?

Learn Guitar More Quickly

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The question on many aspiring guitar player’s minds are how to learn to play the guitar in the shortest amount of time possible. That is a perfectly understandable question considering the human nature of always wanting fast or instant results.

Here is the good news. There are a few courses on the internet which can help one learn to play the guitar. Some will teach easier and faster than others, while some a little more thoroughly. But the ultimate goal remains to learn how to play the guitar in the shortest amount of time.

In this day and age if you want to learn a guitar technique like funk-skunk you actually do have some different options available to you. This includes learning options that you can access on the Internet and World Wide Web.

1. There are websites that have been set up specifically for novice guitar players. If that describes you, if you are just learning the guitar or only recently desired to learn to play guitar, these sites are perfect for you. Oftentimes through these types of online guitar lesson sites that are geared to novices you can become exposed to a wide range of different techniques, including things like the funk-skunk.
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2. Beyond websites that are up and running to assist novices, there are interactive sites that can be a great resource for a person who is interested in learning basic or even more advanced guitar playing techniques. In this regard, these interactive sites can be well suited to novices and more experienced players alike. Once again, as with other types of sites online, you can learn techniques like the funk-skunk on interactive sites that are running online today.Continue reading Learn Guitar More Quickly