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3 Insanely True Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Record Deal

by Bryan Hufford

A major label record deal – The dream that millions of musicians chase every day, praying for the moment when a major label exec will come and sweep them from the bottom and launch them into stardom. The sad and harsh reality is that only a small percentage (and I mean VERY small) will get signed to a major label deal.

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Not only that, but out of that small percentage, an even SMALLER percentage go on to becoming a superstar. I hate to say it, but it’s reality – a reality that many musicians just don’t understand or grasp, unfortunately. BUT – This doesn’t mean you should give up your music career. In fact, that would be foolish of you. Why? Because you can make it on your own!Continue reading 3 Insanely True Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Record Deal

Recording Studio Setup – Top 5 Tips For Garage Bands

by John B Murray

Recording studio setup is the icing on the cake when you have a band. Starting your own band is a real thrill. However, an even greater thrill is when you have finally written enough songs to record your own music and are able to send it out to prospective music industry executives.

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You want the sound quality to be perfect, so you can really showcase the music and what your band is about to industry A&R representatives. It is they who will ultimately pass on your golden ticket to a recording deal. Your bands demo has to be perfect but what if you do not have the money to record in a fancy studio, though? Not to worry, you can create your own recording studio setup, at home, and receive just as great a result.Continue reading Recording Studio Setup – Top 5 Tips For Garage Bands

Music Business – Cash in on the Big Show

by Greg Joes

Summer is prime time for large musical festivals. Every genre and crowd has their own music business in all major festivals. Between musicians, fans, and press the event can be a practical who is who of any given scene. Regardless of who is there the large volume of people make a music festival (or any show really) the perfect opportunity to spread the word about your own music business.

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I know that we all have been at a show or festival and been handed a flyer to another show. I typically find this action annoying, but that is because the presentation of the person handing out the flyer. They act as if they are handing out a sample of toothpaste on the street during lunch hour. If you are passing out flyers or demos you need to impress the people in the ten seconds you have their attention.Continue reading Music Business – Cash in on the Big Show