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Getting the Right Volume for Practicing and Gigging

How do you determine the right volume for practice and gigging?

This can be a difficult, and sometimes contentious, problem.  Different band members may have different opinions (desires, requests, demands), and audience members are no different.

Some solutions that can be attempted are:

  • talking to the other band members (Hey! it could work … or not)
  • individual monitors and monitor mixes
  • in-ear monitors or headphones
  • ear-plugs

Some of these solutions will work for problems with the audience as well.  However, in any audience you are always going to have some who want it louder and some who think you’re already too loud!

… and we all know how annoying that can be.

Here is a question and answer webpage with some more comments and ideas:  Musical Practice and Performing.



When You Sing, Do You Breathe Virtually?

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By A K Whitehead

Whatever kind of voice we have, using it to its full potential depends very much on whether we breathe efficiently. Singing is one of those things which virtually all of us do. But do we do it virtually or properly?

Well, that’s being rather hard. But the point is that, if we want to sing in some kind of serious way, there are certain principles which can be ignored only to our own detriment. That’s the case whether we prefer to sing pop or classically. The principles involved used to be mostly associated with the latter. But now more and more people are realizing that they can be applied with good effect to any kind of singing.

For example, do you have confidence when you open your mouth? Can you sing phrases which are as long as you would wish? Or do you have to lose the sense of what you are singing because of pauses for more breath? Do you have control over the pitch and volume of your voice? Or do you sing in ways you did not intend?

All these aspects can be improved on by developing a few techniques for good singing i.e. for singing better than you currently sing. Certainly, the best idea will probably be to get a good singing teacher. But it is possible to make some prior progress. But essential to that progress is breathing -breathing effectively and not, as most of us tend to do, breathing inefficiently.Continue reading When You Sing, Do You Breathe Virtually?