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How ‘Easy’ Is Piano Playing?

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Emily Sigers

Has anyone ever told you how easy a thing it is to play the piano? Have you ever had people convey to you the idea that piano playing involves little skill, and therefore, does not stand very high, in their estimation, as an art – that it cannot be classed with the art of say, painting or sculpture, as an indication of the possession of brains?

Such opinions only show that anyone holding them has given the subject little, if any thought. Until we begin to think, very few people realize what a really complicated thing it is to play even simple piano music.

We have, first of all, to read notes on two staffs – bass and treble. The same sign, placed in the same way is, for example, G on the bass staff and E on the treble staff. We must, therefore, always know whether we are reading bass or treble notes.

Various signs of different shapes denote various time lengths which must be exactly correct when played. Other signs denote periods of silence (rests) between the tones, also of exact duration. We must be able to place the right finger upon the key which each particular note represents, with the right kind of touch, at the right moment. Continue reading How ‘Easy’ Is Piano Playing?