Tag: Rhythms

You Can Learn How To Play The Blues

by Ed Haas

The blues has influenced almost every genre of music. All the great guitar players of our time have been influenced to some degree by the blues. The music theory involved in playing the blues is rather simple, but the feeling that can be applied to playing the blues is what makes it so popular.

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The 12 bar blues progression:

If you want to learn how to play blues, you need to know the 12 bar blues progression. Just as its’ name implies, it is made up of 12 bars (measures) of music. the 12 bars just keep repeating. The most common chord progression would be the I, IV, and V chords of the key that you want to play in.Continue reading You Can Learn How To Play The Blues

Why The Best Drum Set For A Newbie Is A Cheap Kit!

by Richard Taylor

Have you forever dreamed of having a go at learning the drums? Well why not give it a go? It is great fun and is often a great form of stress relief.

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In order to get started out, you are going to need to pick out your initial drum set. Whenever we all dream of drumming, we visualize the great rock bands, with their drummers surrounded by all sizes of drums and cymbals, knocking out loud memorable rhythms. The fact is that you do not basically require that number of drums to get started out, in fact a starter drum kit will simply come with four or perhaps 5 crucial drums.Continue reading Why The Best Drum Set For A Newbie Is A Cheap Kit!