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How your Larynx Affects your Singing

by John Daniel Scott

The muscles controlling and surrounding the larynx represent one of the most important control system affecting the human voice. For most singers, learning to stabilize the larynx is essential for vocal health, the increase of range, and the proper blending of chest and head voice.

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In this article I will attempt to shed some light on larynx position and offer some exercises that can help you improve your voice by stabilizing your larynx. Keep in mind that full time voice students may spend years on this! But a little awareness goes a long way in saving your voice from the harm caused by singing on a high larynx.Continue reading How your Larynx Affects your Singing

How to Pick the Right Voice Lessons

by Andrew

Thinking of taking up singing as a hobby or career, then congratulations! Music is considered by many to be another form of language. It’s styles and genders can vary greatly across the globe. Much like an author writing a book on a subject that he feels passionate about, music allows one to express their feelings.

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Music is something that provides happiness to the world and can often cross political, ethnic and religious divides. It is so moving that it can bring people together, give happiness or make them cry for joy. It is enjoyed by so many and the desire to perform is a dream pursued by several.

Many feel that they can not sing, but wish they could. There are others who have good voices and wish to improve them. Whether you want to begin singing or take steps to improve your voice, all you have to do is take a couple of singing lessons. These lessons are not only enjoyable, but will also better improve your melodic tone.Continue reading How to Pick the Right Voice Lessons

Singing Lessons For Everybody

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by mark321

Music is an international language and the sounds of music expose our emotions, giving us great pleasure when we listen to it. The problem is that everybody wants to do better when it comes to music. People who cannot sing want to learn, and people who can sing always strive to sing better. No matter what category you fit in, professional singing lessons can help you improve your singing ways and you might also have a lot of fun while undertaking them.

In your quest of improving your singing capabilities you might stumble across the term ‘singing voice lessons.’ This is another way to say singing lessons, but there are some differences between the two. The focus of typical singing lessons consists of a range of things which contribute to the way you sound. The starting point is usually your ability to sing, or if you lack that ability. This is established on how you hold a note. Other things traditional singing lessons focus on include body posture, body language, passion and others.

Singing voice lessons also focus on other things, but it is the voice that stands in the center of the lessons, receiving the greatest part of the tuition. The difference between opera and punk is enormous, as the situation is the same between rock and roll and rap. So there cannot be only one universal approach, but one for every genre. There are coaches that can help you in more than one genre, but if you are focused on only one, you should benefit from the services of a specialist in that area.

Options for singing lessons are many. Some people prefer lessons that include only them and their teacher, also called one-on-one. But that option, however, is the most costly one. Another choice would be to study as a couple or small group, which can help keep the costs low and enjoy the process of improving your voice even more. However, following voice lessons does not always include a teacher or coach. You may also consider purchasing CDs and DVDs with this type of lessons.Continue reading Singing Lessons For Everybody